Tacori Engagement Rings Review

tacoriTacori engagement rings are known for the combination of classic beauty and modern designs. They have been in the market for the last forty years and have managed to acquire a reputable status in the diamond jewelry sector.

The Tacori legacy was initiated by Haig Tacorian in 1969, who migrated from Europe to the United States and started the diamond jewelry business with his wife Gilda. Later, his son Paula, daughter Nadine and several other family members joined the business and took it to new heights of innovation and beauty.

The feature that distinguishes Tacori engagement rings from others is its craftsmanship. Each jewelry piece is hand tooled and special attention is given to the designing details. Their delicate and intensive designs make them ‘heirloom quality’ jewelry.

Each Tacori ring is engraved with the name of the brand on the inside, which guarantees the customers that it’s genuine and high quality material.

Varieties of Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori gives you the option of selecting the ring of your choice from thousands of others; its versatile collection certainly speaks for itself. The diamonds of the rings are available in different shapes including: cushion, emerald, marquis, round, princess, pear, and oval. Moreover, the diamond ring collection is vast with several distinct designs.

With Blooming Beauties you get the most contemporary designs with multiple diamonds and elegant settings. Classic Crescent rings combine the traditional beauty of round diamonds with several small ones of the band, and make it look striking and visually appealing.

tacori reverse crescent

The Dantela collection of rings takes you on a whirlwind of glamour and convention with a single large diamond surrounded by a crown of small stones. You can have this ring with a straight band or a fancy crisscross one.

For ladies who like to flaunt their engagement rings, Full Bloom category has the perfect rings for you! The diamonds in these rings are sculpted to give a gorgeous floral effect. Petite Crescent rings have symbolic Tacori style with simple yet trendy designs.

You can have these rings in single and two ceilings. Pretty in Pink features the subtle beauty of these stones in a glittering band of rose gold. Once again you can select from the various options available and get the best one that compliments your fingers.

The rings in the Reverse Crescent category are composed of a single princess cut or round diamond surrounded by a crown of several small diamonds. Despite having multitude of diamonds, the rings are delicate and stunning.

designer diamond rings

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Clean Crescent rings are available in seven unique styles with diamonds that are larger than life. If you think you can carry bold diamonds in beautiful style, then this category has the perfect rings for you!

The Ribbon collection will delight you with its one large and several small diamonds arranged along the straight and twisted band. The best part about this category is that every style is distinctly shaped and elegantly incorporated.

Make her feel like the queen she is with the dazzling ring collection of RoyalT. The main feature of all the rings from this category is the center diamond. It’s striking and it’s stylish!

The Sculpted Crescent rings are ideal for ladies who like to wear delicate and elegant jewelry. The center stone is large enough to attract attention but subtle enough to make it look tantalizing.

The rings from the Simply Tacori category are symbolic of the traditional British beauty with perfectly sculpted diamonds ranging from one to three. Lastly, we have the Starlit rings that are designed to highlight the beauty of the center diamond in sophisticated style. These dazzling rings will make people look twice in your direction!