Oh, So Cool, Platinum Wedding Rings

christmasPlatinum wedding rings have a cool factor all their own.

Maybe it’s because the word platinum conjures associations with greatness. Just think, platinum albums, platinum VISA cards – oh, and platinum hair.

Elegant platinum wedding rings from mondera.com. Seriously, platinum wedding rings deserve their rise in popularity, as well as their reputation for elegance. Platinum is heavier than some other metals like yellow gold. And it’s so lustrous it all but glows.

Platinum wedding rings are extremely strong and durable. Which makes them perfect for men and women. They’re capable of standing up to everything from digging in the garden to changing the oil in your car to lifting and pointing the remote.

They’ll even withstand changing diapers and making meatloaves – or opening those tough little Chinese take-out boxes.

You can find beautiful platinum wedding rings and platinum diamond wedding rings in fine jewelry stores everywhere. Online jewelers like mondera.com carry a wide variety of absolutely inspired designs.

But as with purchasing any engagement or wedding rings, you want to make sure you’re dealing with reputable jewelers. Don’t be taken in by that “high quality, low price” advertising-speak. Marketers have spent years learning how to hit your hot spots – and everybody in the world, even the rich and famous, wants a good deal, don’t they?

You can get great deals on platinum wedding rings, you just don’t want to be pushed into making an emotional decision rather than a smart one when it comes to buying wedding rings you’ll be wearing forever.

And be sure that you don’t confuse a platinum wedding ring or platinum diamond wedding ring with white gold wedding rings. They look very much the same. Platinum, however, is not as readily available, and remember, it is heavier.

So make sure your jeweler isn’t pulling a fast one on you – have your ring appraised by an independent appraiser. This way, you’ll be as certain about the platinum wedding rings you’re buying as you are about the love the two of you share.