Types of Bridal jewelry

gemstonesBridal Sets

These are ladies rings that include both the engagement and wedding bands (E/W sets). The engagement ring contains the center stone and possibly some side stones.

The wedding band matches the engagement band and can also contain side stones. After the wedding, the rings are usually soldered together and form the finished set.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings do not come with matching wedding rings. In many instances, a simple, traditional gold band is used.

Duos and Trios

Duos are matching gents and ladies bands. Trios are ladies’ engagement and wedding bands and a gents’ wedding band.


The Tiffany style of engagement band is very simple and traditional. It consists of a round band with prongs to hold the diamond. As a complimentary wedding band, often a simple gold band or a diamond band is used.

diamond guards bands

Wraps and Guards

These types of rings are used as wedding bands for tiffany settings. Wraps are placed side by side with a tiffany band while guards surround the tiffany band.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are simple gold or platinum rings that are available in different styles and different widths. Many of the bands are also available in a comfort-fit design, where the inside is rounded. A comfort-fit band is heavier than non-comfort fit, but – as the name implies – it is much more comfortable than a band with straight edges.

Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands contain a number of smaller stones set next to each other. The stones are usually diamonds, rubies, or sapphires or a combination of diamonds and another gem. The stones can be channel-set (embedded into the gold) or prong-set.

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