When Are Gemstones Appropriate For Gifts

gemstonesGemstones can be given to an important person. Giving a gift to someone can give them happiness especially to those who are close to you such as your friends, relatives, family and of course your partner. When you receive a gift you can’t explain the feeling and it is also the same when you give gifts especially on special occasions.

Gifts Are So Precious to Someone Who Receives it

Flowers can be given which is the most common form of giving gifts but you can give gifts in a form of gems, most especially during your anniversary. Celebrating your anniversary on your 50th year where a gold that represents it can be given.

It can be also given during weddings. The usual gem given is the diamond since it symbolizes love between 2 persons, the man and woman, and also to call upon courage in a man and superiority in a woman. Another gem that could be given is the Emeralds which are also thought to award or give contentment and happiness on married couples.

The Rubies are thought to transform color according to the physical condition of the one who uses it. They can provide a suggestion of well-being inconvenience that may not be obvious to an observer and even other conditions of which the wearer is innocent of such illness.

Others believe that women who wear emeralds throughout childbirth have a fewer excruciating birth and they can also cure dysentery and epilepsy, counteract the venom of snakes, and the unsighted may profit from touching them.

There are Precautions in Giving a Gemstone

Not all games can be given as gifts since there are sayings about it and one of this is the pearl. Pearl should never be worn with an engagement or as a wedding ring since it symbolizes tears and that it also bring sadness to the couple.

Opals can bring tears in two partners or is also best known as the stone of tears that is why it must be avoided during those occasions. If these two are given as a present there will be an occurrence of bad luck, accidents and sadness.

Gemstones of different colors or types have different meanings that must be known for a lot of people are relying on the beliefs of the oldies. It’s not wrong to believe in them but we should always make an assessment within ourselves if it is true.